our Infrastructure

We own 3 units in the industrial sector of GIDC Vapi, we have 3 spray dryers to manufacture 400 MT of material on monthly basis. The vessels installed are fully stainless steel vessels following the guide lines of state of art manufacturing.

Once the production lot is ready, the sample for each batch goes to the QC lab for approval. In QC lab the lot sample is compared against the standard preserved. After checking all parameters and properties [as per international standards as well as ISO 9001: 2015], production lot is approved. After the lot is approved, it is taken to the dispatch and packing department. Goods are packed as per the customer's specifications and dispatched.

Future Plans

Our Directors aims to manufacture raw materials in-house in the days to come. Following the same , we have acquired 55,000 sq. yards land. As of now, the project is under the phase of environment clearance. We plan to manufacture raw materials on mega scale to protect our customers from frequent price changes in the market.

Solutions For All Industries

We believe strongly that we can and must do things differently. Our aim to become a dominant player in the international dyestuff manufacturing industry.

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